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Göttingen — Studying in the heart of Germany

Göttingen — situated in the heart of Germany — is a university town and research venue that is renowned, recognized and popular around the world for its excellence as a place to study. The Göttingen institutions of higher education have produced thousands upon thousands of graduates who work all over the globe in business, academic research, education and politics. 

More universities — more opportunities

The four Göttingen institutions of higher learning offer international students a wide range of attractive, exciting and innovative degree programmes of the highest quality. Degree programmes leading to different degrees and dual, postgraduate and continuing education opportunities are available. The study subject of choice can be studied in either German or English, depending on the institution. Both the range of degree programmes and the services for international students are continuously being expanded upon by the individual schools. 

The educational spectrum alone reflects this richness of diversity: Georg-August-Universität, founded in 1737 and offering 130 study subjects, is one of Germany’s so-called “traditional universities” established before 1945. Ninety percent of all students in Göttingen are enrolled at the Georgia Augusta. In September 2015, the University was honoured with the distinguished "Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation 2015". The HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts was established in Göttingen in 1974 and offers application-orientated undergraduate and graduate degree programmes at two faculties in the city. Approximately 1,500 students are enrolled in the fields of "science and technology" and "resource management”. Twenty years after its founding, the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen is now the oldest private institution of higher education in Lower Saxony. The 22 degree programmes now offered focus on practical application and, to a certain extent, are unique in Germany. In Göttingen, the PFH offers degree programmes in management, healthcare technology and psychology. Göttingen's Academy of Business Administration (VWA) and College of cooperative Education contribute eight degree programmes to Göttingen's curricular landscape in the fields of business administration and health care management. These degrees are dual-organized and feature an integrated vocational training component or can be earned extra-occupationally.

Comprehensive service for international students

Those choosing to study in Göttingen will meet around 32,000 other students, approximately 12 percent of whom hail from more than 130 countries around the world.

The various institutions of higher education have put structures in place at their international offices to make it easier for prospective and current students to access all the information and support services they need. Whether you need help with enrolment formalities, are interested in language learning opportunities before commencing a degree programme, or require concrete advice on study subjects and university cooperation projects, the international offices are home to competent staff who will assist you in arranging all of your academic affairs during your stay in Göttingen. 

Lecture halls, laboratories and dining facilities — all within close proximity

Unlike in many other countries and institutions of higher learning, the university buildings in Göttingen are spread throughout the entire city. Teaching and research take place both in historic buildings and in recently constructed modern campus areas on Göttingen’s northern border, with some field studies being conducted directly adjacent to Göttingen’s idyllic municipal forest. Many university buildings can also be found in the midst of Göttingen’s historic city centre. The advantage of a study venue the size of Göttingen is that you settle in very quickly, never have to travel far and the cost of living during your studies is quite affordable. 

Regardless of which degree programme you choose, the staff at the Göttingen institutions of higher learning will give you a warm welcome and whole-hearted support. 


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